I have attached links to sample pages from a manuscript that shows the different levels of edits that I conduct on manuscripts.

Keep scrolling to read a short description of each level of edits and view them in action. To show the progression of edits, I have chosen to share the same page of a manuscript at each level.

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Level 1: Proofreading

This is the most basic level of edits that I offer clients. It includes a spelling/grammar check that is more than just a quick run through on Grammerly.

I will also point out any base inconsistencies and redundancies that I find. For instance, when I marked in the example that the author used two different spellings for a character’s name.

If your manuscript just needs a polish to shine like the sun, this is the level of edits for you!

Click here to view a one page example of proofread edits on a fiction manuscript.

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Level 2: Copy Editing

If proofreading is a view from the ground looking up at each individual tree, or word and sentence level edits, then copy editing is sitting on a tree limb and looking around at the forest within view. This is also known as paragraph level editing.

You will notice in the portfolio example that the proofreading marks are still there, but I’ve included more edits that deal with sentence placement and arrangement, tone, flow, repetition, and story continuity. More comments are included for the author to read, and I offer a second look through if requested.

While copy editing is a bit more intrusive, it still doesn’t call for much alteration of the original story. And I always use track changes, so you know what’s going on with your manuscript every stage of the game.

Click here to view a one page example of copy edits on a fiction manuscript.

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Level 3: Developmental Editing

This the the most in depth level of edits that I offer. There is a lot of gray area when it comes to where one type of edit ends and another begins. However, there is a reason that this level of editing is more expensive for editing services across the board.

If you ask me to complete developmental edits for your manuscript, I will take a look at it as a whole – like I’m now riding in a helicopter hovering over the forest, which is your story. In addition to the type of edits available at the other levels, you will receive comments and edits that pertain to plot development. I will analyze the entire manuscript for tone, impact, tension, character development, consistency, etc.

I will be brutally honest with my comments and marks, either using track changes to re-write and re-organize sections of your manuscript that do not seem to fit or leaving those suggestions in detailed comments (your choice!). A collaboration at this level will require more time and effort for both sides, and a true collaboration it will be, although the story remains yours.

All I can say is that if you have a great story but are unsure of how exactly to tell it, this is the level of edits for you. It’s worth it! Trust me.

Click here view a one page sample of developmental edits on a fiction manuscript.

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Choosing the right editor for your story is a big deal. I have worked with dozens of authors over the past six years as a freelance writer/editor, and I am an author myself.

This manuscript is your baby. I’m only daycare staff.

The good news is that I offer online and phone consultations and free sample edits. I want to get to know you and your story, and I want you to get to know me before you make your final decision. Just click contact up at the top of the page and shoot me a message using the easy-to-follow form to find out what an editor with a golden pen can do for your novel!