I have included a selection of different forms of online content that I have worked on for clients over the years. A brief description of the assignment precedes each link. All client information has been removed.

I am sharing these links to give potential clients a glimpse of what I have accomplished in the past. I am always free to discuss your specific writing/editing needs. Just shoot me a quick message!

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Click here to view my full writing/editing portfolio on clippings.me.

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Marketing blog post for a dog food/treat business

I wrote this blog piece for a local dog food/treat business. The owner wanted to start a blog but was not confident in her writing abilities. I worked with her for several months to fill a folder with blog posts she could post over time. She thanked me profusely for helping her grow her company’s online presence.

Her first assignment for me was a short blog post about dog treats that included two homemade recipes that readers could follow. The tone was supposed to be a mix between marketing and personal.

This one assignment turned into a long-term job writing web content for the company’s website.

Click here to view this marketing blog post.

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Updated about page and blog post for an automotive repair shop

This client had written an about page using in bullet points, but he was unhappy with the way it read. He asked me to take the information in the bullet points and turn it into easy-to-read paragraphs while changing as little as possible.

He was also considering starting a company blog and asked me to write me a short piece (less than 500 words) that would educate potential clients about summer a/c problems and have a strong call to action.

This also turned into a long-term job where I continued to write blog posts for the company on various auto-related topics. I eventually ended up re-writing every webpage for the owner.

Click here to view my first completed assignment for this business.

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After school program volunteer handbook

This assignment was part of a Technical Writing “internship” that I participated in during my senior year of college. The goal was to find a volunteer group in the community that needed technical writing support.

I was able to help an after school program with their volunteer handbook. The organization owner was impressed by how I did not just proofread the text that she had compiled years ago but re-wrote text where necessary, re-organized sections, cleaned up and standardized the formatting, and researched additional information that would be beneficial to her volunteers.

She printed out the text file on the same day I sent it to her and rushed it to the printer to be turned into a ring-bound book. Her entire staff thanked me for the much-needed update to their handbook, and I received full credit for the internship.

Click here to view a page from the volunteer handbook.

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Article for ticketing purchasing website

I briefly wrote copy for a recently launched ticket purchasing website. They requested a very particular layout and tone. I spent time researching venues and events, wrote content following their layout, and then edited the information again for SEO purposes.

Although this was a short term contract job for a new company, I was excited to be able to help them reach their goal.

Click here to view a sample web page that I wrote/edited for this company.

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Informal guest blog post for Chritian website

The last article in my portfolio is of a more personal nature. I recieved information about a call for blog post submission from a well-known Christian faith and marriage website, and I wrote this blog post from my own perspective. It received a lot of positive feedback from the viewing community and sparked numerous discussions in the website’s comment section.

I have included this article to show that I am capable of producing work in an informal style of writing.

Click here to view this example of an informal blog post.

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